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An exciting and entertaining visit to immerse yourself in the inventions of the great Genius
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The museum

An exhibition dedicated to the universal genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, in the heart of Rome with numerous touring versions all over the world, the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum give to every single visitor a unique experience where its sensorial perception being immerse in a very topicality past.
A landmark both for visitors and training aid, a cognitive instrument, the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum of Rome has the real machines draw by Da Vinci’s codes.
An impousing and peculiar work, made with trifle care to realize actual working machines, with great size, built the way of special processes: these machines, not just “models” are entirely made by wood and this required the use of sophisticated technologies both special human skills.
This Museum is an exhibition well studied and well-groomed down to the smallest detail, where machines interactivity play the key role.

Open daily from 9:30 to 19:30

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more than 200

Designed machines


Working models


Animated holograms


Thematic showcases

All the machines are working and can be touched and experienced, to foster an intense sense experience and activate emotional and cognitive mechanisms


Single tickets

Adults € 9,00
13-18 years old, over 65, students, teachers € 7,00
5-12 years old € 6,00

Family deals

2 adults + 2 children (5-12 y.o.) € 25,00
2 adults + 1 child (5-12 y.o.) + 1 child (12-18 y.o.) € 26,00
2 adults + 2 children (13-18 y.o.) € 29,00

Leonardo da Vinci

A genius man and universal talent of italian Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci embodied the universality spirit of his age, leading it in extremely various art’s and knowledge fields. He was a painter, a carver, architect, engineer, mathematician, anatomist, musician and inventor, probably is the most know among all every time culture‘s main characters.
Constantly defined as The Universal Genius for his lively curiosity and the notional mind, which makes him range through every field of knowledge at his time: from inventions and creation of various machines to architecture, botany, physiology, physics, philosophy, literature, painting and sculpture. Using all the devices at Leonardo’s disposal, integrating his own ability, he dedicated his life and his works in inquiring to reality.
Through the codes, writings and drawings formed as notes he wrote all along his life, Leonardo give life to a series of peerless richness both adequacy order by a universal and sublime aim: to understand.

The holograms

In the main room of this exhibition you will find an exciting innovation, the only one in the world. It represents 3 dimensional versions of some of Leonardo’s inventions “floating in space”. As if by magic, there are 9 holograms inside 4 glass and wood showcaese. They represent his flight studies, ammunition and engineering works.

There are also 3 of his most famous paintings applying a certain optical law of physics. It creates an extraordinary effect. Realistic images appear in the glass showcaes giving the idea that the object is physically present in 3D.

It also shows how a painting was executed right before your eyes. The projection is so realistic and precise thanks to the machines animation. They are presented as “Da Vinci” in a new dimension. The visitor journeys back to the Great Genious Leonardo…

Treaures buried beneath us

In the last room underground in this marvellous building there is a hidden treasure made visible thanks to this exhibition.

It is the tomb of Aulo Irzio, the Lieutenant of Caesare killed in the Battle of Modena 43AC.
The tomb was discovered in 1938 and is submerged in the waters of Euripus, the channel that flows through Campo Marzio and drains into the River Tiber.

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