Treasure Hunt with Leonardo Da Vinci

Visit the Eternal city through Leonardo da Vinci.

The Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Walk, stop, admire, take photos, read, learn, question, answer, while exploring the mysterious mind of Leonardo.
It is a novel way of getting to know the city and Leonardo without getting bored or tiring oneself out, thanks to the Genius.

Your experience

  • At the entrance you will be given all the necessary information and kit in order to participate in the search for the treasure.
  • Enjoy exploring during the treasure hunt. It is a stimulating and learning adventure adapted to fit all families. After the tour, when you have discovered the mysterious enigma, you have time to visit the exhibition.

Enjoy a guided tour in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Your children will be entertained without being bored. Relax while you are walking and sightseeing around the city. Relax without thinking where to go and what to do because everything will be suggested or hinted during the game. You’ll just have to follow your instinct and choose the route which seems the most interesting and stimulating.
At the entrance you’ll be given a tablet and a map of the city to interact with. After you’ve studied the first indications on the map you can begin to play the game. Follow this map attentively and you will discover the most important monuments and hidden curiosities in the area.

At every stop you will earn points, and the more points you earn the more clues will be revealed. You will need the clues to help you answer the final questions.
Before returning to the exhibition all the clues will be given. At this point you should be able to guess the Enigma and solve the problem presented by the Leonardo exhibition.

If you discover the Enigma, you receive a gift from the museum.


  • It lasts about 3hours, depending on individual and family needs
  • Jump the entrance to the special Leonardo da Vinci Rome tour
  • Vouchers and electronic tickets are accepted
  • Immediate confirmation
  • A break is suggested during the tour
  • Wheelchair friendly

What does this ticket include

  • Jump the queue.
  • Includes Kit for the Treasure Hunt, tablet and interactive map of the city of Rome.

Meeting place

At the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition entrance:
Piazza della Cancelleria 1, Rome.


+39 06.69887616